Interior tile by special design
and manufacturing method .
Made in Japan


KANO’s interior tiles apply not only tile techniques but also table ware’s that is local industry called Minoyaki. Minoyaki has been flourished since late 1500’s and have the largest market share in Japan. With its mass production techniques, we completed a complicated stereoscopic modeling and decorated tiles with a height difference.

KANO also produces tiles just for renovation to back up the maintenance no matter how old tiles are or non-KANO’s tiles.

“Beloved tile brand – KANO” KANO strives to develop more durable tiles and values the memories and attachment to tiles of customers.



Precious, luxurious and exciting wall. The shade of light and shadow
directs space beyond your imagination.

3D Art Ceramic

Three-dimensional tiles made by casting. Wood grain and dot pattern come from “Minoyaki” decoration techniques such as glazing and PAT printing system.


Interior Tiles

Wild range from casual to high class depending on the combination of glaze. Choose a best tile for your interior from a variety of shapes.


First Generation

Combination of ceramic tiles and LEDs. KANO added lighting system to generate additional value of tiles.





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