Create something new with “beyond tile”

Tile is a building material with durability, waterproofing and antifouling properties. KANO is working on the development of functional tiles with value added to expand the possibilities of tiles.
That is the beginning of Tile+Light project. Effectively use light and shadow, directing a calm and warm space.

KANO applies not only tile techniques but also table ware’s that is local industry called Minoyaki. It has been flourished since late 1500’s and have the largest market share in Japan. With its mass production techniques,
we completed a complicated stereoscopic modeling and decorated tiles with a height difference.

Fitting in from casual to traditional buildings, you can have a sense of unity.
Enhancing affinity with the surroundings while tile being conspicuous.

KANO promises to realize your desired tiles with our many year’s experience.


KANO CORPORATION is a glazed tile manufacturer, having a history over 50 years in Tajimi, one of the cities known as production area of Minoyaki. “Minoyaki” is a ceramic ware which has a long history. It has improved an artistic quality with Japanese historical tea culture (Chanoyu) since late 1500s, contributed much to create traditional Japanese ceramic ware along with Shino, Kiseto, Oribe and Hikidashiguro.

KANO has been creating sophisticated ceramic world by developing varieties of ceramic tiles, excellent MADE-IN-JAPAN product in this area. Never changed that spirit which makes us provide only one original tile to each customer. With experienced engineers, complex glaze color matching is our strong area.

We respect tradition of unique glazing based on aesthetics of Chanoyu and keep this mind in our development.